Gayle Bisesi
Profesional Plate Spinner,
Wife, Mamma,
Professional Vocalist,
Educator, Composer,
Author of “Espresso Yourself”

Be Yourself;

Everyone else is already taken.

– Oscar Wilde

Life on the Runway

Warning…. I’m NOT a writer! I’m a talker – case in point! So, in this blog, I may use improper grammar (Oh No!) or use made up words because they just feel right to me. Why not! In this moment, for once in my life, I’m taking off my “perfectionistic cap” and just putting it out there no matter how it comes out. So, if you are a writer this blog may drive you nuts!

Allow me to set the scene…… Just think of being in my home and we are at the kitchen table chatting over an espresso (please don’t ever say EX-presso – hahah), Italian style. Thus, the picture of the coaster my husband bought for me. This describes me to a T.

Anyhoo… Being a vocalist, I am always projecting my voice. This blog is kind of like therapy for me. I’m taking my literal voice out of the equation and letting my inner voice run freely through my fingers. Could be scary…hahah.

The idea for this blog hit me today “Outta the Blue.” (Side Tangent: “Outta the Blue” is the title of the theme song I wrote for Blue Vocal Jazz Ensemble at Elmhurst College which I have been directing for the past 10 years at Elmhurst College). My mentioning this will become clear later. I digress…….

I was walking outside today listening to a podcast called “Magic Lessons” with Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s great!!!

Praise Pause: Jeremy Fox – Thank you for the podcast recommendation (Jeremy is an amazing Jazz Educator out at Southwestern Community College in Creston, IA).

I just had to stop for a “Praise Pause.” My best friend and brilliant writer Renata Gough coined this phrase and I use it with my students all the time!!! You will see this phrase again! Check out her website at:

Back to the podcast…. As Elizabeth was speaking to her guest, she told her that it is time to get off the RUNWAY! Then, it hit me. I myself have been on the “runway” for the past 10+ years in various ways. I had never thought of it that way before. BUT, something changed today. This one word “RUNWAY” really lit up my “brain-world” (LOL – what is a brain-world – Gayle speak! HAha). Oh well, you know what I mean.

When I walked into my office, my new biz cards had arrived. Ok. So! Who cares. Big Deal! But in THAT moment, THAT card signified me leaving the “RUNWAY.”

Today, it became real to me. I saw my name printed on paper as “Director of Late Night Blues Vocal Jazz” and NOT “Director of Blue Vocal Jazz.” This is a Big Deal for me on many levels. I’ll explain all of that later.

So, get to the point Gayle…… my point in writing this blog is to encourage myself and others to keep going, lift off, dare to be, be my true self, put my inner thoughts out there, face my fears, and most of all share, share, share ALL of it in writing. Singers are talkers but something different happens when I shut my voice off and type instead. It’s powerful to see your thoughts in writing.

Who knows, maybe this will inspire you or help you in some fashion too. If it doesn’t, that’s cool too. This blog is my personal sounding board. It’s my “Morning Pages.” This past year has been a year of great transition and facing a lot of my own inner fears. I’m excited to type out (however poorly) my inner thoughts in hopes of bringing clarity to myself.

I have been on a wonderful runway filled with amazing mentors & friends to whom I am forever grateful.

Praise Pause: Susan Moninger, Jeff Deutsch & Jennifer Mather – Thank you all for everything! You have helped shape me in so many wonderful ways – as a person, performer and professor. You have been wonderful guides on my runway. I will miss you both but I know you are only a phone call away – maybe an espresso away! hahaha!!! I love you!

Now it’s time for me to get OFF the freakin’ RUNWAY people! This is my “shit or get off the pot” moment. My “mid-life crisis,” perhaps. My “plane is leaving the gate” moment. We have lift off! OMG!!!!!!!

I am grateful for all that has been and am scared and excited about what I will create in this new chapter of my life. Yes, yes, I’ll tell you about it. Sit back. Relax and let’s sip an espresso together – shall we! Till next time……..

Ciao for now! Gayle

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Professional Vocalist, Educator, Voiceover Artist, Mamma spinning plates!!!

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